MTS/BTS Program Manual

(diaconal ministry degrees where indicated) 

Program Description (MTS)

History and Values of the MTS Degree Program
College Organization
MTS Program Structure 2017 – 45 credits
GCTS Program Structure 2017 – 18 credits
MTS Program Structure 2009 – 51 credits
MTS Program Structure pre-2009 – 60 credits

Collegia (MTS/BTS)

Collegia Requirement

Mini-Projects (MTS/BTS)

Mini Project Guidelines
Mini Project Completion Form (New Form)

Practicum (MTS/BTS)

MTS Practicum Guidelines
MTS Practicum Supervisor Profile (New Form Oct 2015)
Record of Hours
Student Report
Supervisor Report

Thesis (MTS and MTS Diaconal)

Master’s Thesis Guidelines

Thesis Supervisor Profile
Approval of Thesis Proposal – Supervisor 2015
Approval of Thesis Proposal – Department Chair 2016
Approval for Completed Thesis – Supervisor 2015
Feedback for Thesis – Internal Examiner 2015
Feedback for Thesis – External Examiner 2015
Approval of Revised Thesis for Re-Exam 2015
Final Approval Completed Thesis with Revisions – Supervisor 2015
Thesis Process Evaluation Form – Student 2015
Thesis Process Evaluation Form – Supervisor 2015

Integrative Study (MTS)

Students coming into the MTS program after February 2013 will be required to write a thesis. The Integrative Study is an option available only to students enrolled in the program prior to that date.
Rationale: The Integrative Study (IS) was created as an option to a thesis in the early years of the MTS program. It is a personal, reflective project developed at a time when qualitative research did not embrace autoethnographic or heuristic research methodologies. These research method tools are now available and widely used, making the need for a specific reflective and integrative process redundant.
A supporting research methodology course is required by all students in the program. Mentors have been asked to encourage students who have been in the program since 2009, to consider the thesis process.
Integrative Study Guidelines

Integrative Theology Paper (BTS and BTS in Diaconal Ministry)

Outline for Writing the ITP-BTS
ITP Supervisor Profile
Approval of ITP Proposal-Supervisor
Feedback for ITP Proposal-Chair
Approval of Completed ITP to go to Internal Examiner
ITP-Internal Examiner Evaluation
Final Approval Completed ITP – after feedback
ITP Process Evaluation Forms – Supervisor
ITP Process Evaluation Form – Student
ITP Sample Cover Page
Undergraduate Thesis vs ITP Comparison