Theses & Dissertations

St. Stephen’s theses (2010 and newer) are on the Education and Research Archive site at the University of Alberta. St. Stephen’s College is set up as a community:


A Heuristic Self-Study and Art Psychotherapy Acculturation Narrative Bano, Joanne 2014 – MPS-AT
A Story of Becoming: From Miserable Offender to God’s Work of Art Baillie, Barbara 2010 – MAPPC
A Study of the Loss of Self in Domestic Violence Doe, Jane
Short, Elizabeth 2013 – MTS Hon
Lawrence, Suzanne 2003 – MTS
Imgrund, Nicole 2003 – MAPPC
Adolescent Boys’ Perspectives on the Relationships they have with their Fathers Wilson, Verna 2008 – MAPPC
Cairns, Ruth 1996 – MTSdiac
An Introduction of Art Therapy to a Canadian Military Community Zip, Theresa 2009 – MAPPC
Cormier, Stella 1999 – MTS
Artful Expression:  The Lived Experience of Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) Syndrome Ward, Aleitha 2009 – MAPPC
Chenard, Charles 2016-MPS
Schweyer, Debra 1999 – MTSdiac
Mooney, Mady 2012 – MPS-AT
Thygesen, Nancy 2013 – MPS-AT
Forrester, Rohan Oneil 2012 – MAPPC Jamaica
Wallker, John 2000 – MTS
Attitudes Essential for New Church Development Among Unchurched People
Sawyer, Thomas 1980 – MTh
The Awakening Heart: From Eating Disorder to Recovery O’Leary, Kim 2009 – MAPPC
McClung, Marilyn 1993 – MTS
Befriending Life: An Approach to Retreat Work in the Tradition of Creation Spirituality Doyle, Carmel 2006 – DMin
Carroll, Marilyn
& Jarvis, Joan
1996 – MTSdiac
Believing our Way Through Disaster: Qualitative Phenomenological Research of Spiritual and Religious Coping During and Beyond Natural Disasters Ham, Janet Stevenson Cassels 2011 – MAPPC
Walters, Trevor H. 1990 – DMin
Pranke, Darlene 1995 – MTS
The Brilliance of Beauty: Theology and the Expressive Arts Krumins, Norbert 2010 – MTS
Loewen, Carol 2005 – MTS
Brokenness Infused in a Mother’s Heart: The Art of Living with the Sacredness of Life Hutton Aldcorn, Maria 2014 – MPS-AT
By Any Other Name: Identity, Power, and the Question of Married Women’s Surnames Stewart, Lori 2007 – MTS
Herring-Cooper, Bonnie 2002 – MTS
Newell, Tony 1996 – DMin
Greidnus, Janet 1999 – MTS
Called to Continue: Vocation and Calling in Later Life Charles Eastly 2007 – MAPPC
Heuer, Kathleen 1999 – DMin
Care for You While You Care for Your Elderly Parents: An Exploration of the Spiritual, Psychological, Social, and Counselling Needs of Adult Caregivers Taking Care of Elderly Parents McDonald, Grace Elena 2011 – MAPPC
Catching Toxic Tears: How is the Sacred Feminine Affected in Therapists Counselling Sexual Abuse Survivors? Tink, Janet 2015 – MPS-AT
Caught By the Fence: Challenges Facing Women in Ministry Leadership in the Mennonite Brethren Church Neufeld, Kathleen Rempel 2010 – DMin
Challenge of Preaching at Funerals
Dowbiggin Klug, Claire 1994 – MTS
Changing Lenses – Pastoral Counselling
Chesser, Bonnie 1998 – DMin
Wenzel, Dennis J. 1993 – DMin
Christian Community: Identity and Identification in Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Evelyn Eaton Whitehead and James D. Whitehead
Sharam, Earle S. 1986 – MTS
Wright, Glen 2000 – DMin
Kirk, Cheryl 2000 – MTSdiac
Ford, Faye 2001 – DMin
Clergy and Betrayal Related Stress Moore. Tracy 2010 – MAPPC
Moffat, Deane 1997 – DMin
Teghtmeyer, Amber 2012 – MPS
MacLeod, Kenneth J. 1991 – DMin
Wilfong-Pritchard, Geoffrey 1999 – DMin
“Clothing My Dry Bones” (Integrative Study)
Dowler, Marion 1996 – MTS
Delisle, Ken 1999 – MTSdiac
Dosso, Joan 2004 – MAPPC
Coming to the Table of Mission Statement Based Bargaining: An Incarnational Paradigm Nixon, Mark 2007 – DMin
Mee, Brian 2005 – MTh
MacLean, Kathryn
& Evie Gilmour
1995 – MTSdiac
Concept and Practice of Authority in the United Church of Canada
Cline, Philip 1977 – MTh
Bishop, Anne 2000 – MTSdiac
Porter, Katherine (Kate) 2016-MPS
Tschanz, Robert 1990 – MTh
McGrowder, Anthony 2012 – MAPPC Jamaica
Conscience in Bohoeffer: Freed of the Past – Directed by the Future – Serving in the Present
Vitt, Kurt 1983 – MTh
McIllwraith, Thomas 1998 – DMin
Dooley, Patricia 2000 – MTS
Luce, Bernice 2000 – MASL
Coping with Sudden Job Loss in the Cayman Islands: Three cases of career civil servants Gomez, Catherine 2008 – MAPPC
Could I have the Dance Welch, Christine Elizabeth 2012 – MTS
Counsellor as Pilgrim: Reflections on Embodied Pilgrimage Spirituality and Counsellor Development Sawicki, Wanda 2009 – MAPPC
Creator, Created, Creating: The Quest to Restore My Soul Through Artistic Spiritual Practice Badenduck, Diana 2007 – MTS
The Dance of Resurrection: A Multiple Arts Media Exploration of Self in Relationship with God Samuel, Therese 2007 – MASL
Dancing with Mary Magdalene (Integrative Study) Stevenson, Ruth 2009 – MTS
Pritchard, Zinia 2014 – DMin
Bray, James 2000 – MTS
Dealing With Adult Sibling Grief Montaque, Joylet 2009 – MAPPC
Deepening a Sense of Spirit: A Study of Spiritual Care Volunteers in the Rural Clinical Setting Ormson, Linda Joan 2012 – DMin
A Deeper Kind of Craving: Healing Food and Body Issues through the Practice of Presence Farah, Margaret (Peggy) 2012 – MPS
McMorrow, Joseph 1997 – DMin
Belrose, Danny 1995 – MTh
Hendrickson, Betty Lou 2000 – MASWA
Hutchison, Paul 2004 – MASTM
Dahl, Sherry 2004 – MTS
Butler, Marie 2014 – MPS-AT
Laplante, Marjorie 2000 – DMin
Leppard, Ray E. 1984 – DMin
Early Numinous Experience: a Serious Look at Childhood Wonder Miller, Holly 2009 – MAPPC
Buttars, John 1989 – MTh
Effects of Therapists Worldviews on Theoretical Orientations and Practice: A Post-Modern Exploration Merriman, Tracy 2006 – MAPPC
The Elephant in the Office: A Phenomenological Study of Spiritually-informed Student Therapists’ Feelings of Incompetence in Early Therapeutic Encounters Bilida, Sherry 2016 – MPS
Embodied Sacred Knowing with Relational Consciousness Sharp, Nola 2016 – MPS
Forster, John 1989 – MTh
Empowerment Through Altered Books Muggeridge, Marie 2016 – MPS-AT
Stafford, Kitty 1998 – DMin
Hebert, Yvette 1990 – DMin
Jordan, Meg 2003 – MTS
Emerging Art Therapist Integrating the Psychophysiological Principles of Self Regulation Therapy (SRT): Integration of mind, body and soul Stalenhoef, Janet 2014 – MPS-AT
The Evaluation of the Views of Respondents Relative to the Impact of Early Childhood Intervention Programs (ECIP) in Two Selected Communities of the Cayman Islands Pierson, Linford 2008 – MAPPC
Evolving Symbols – Evolving Ministry: An Exploration of Diaconal Symbols in The United Church of Canada Upsdell, Sharilynn 2015 – MTSD
Examining the Lived Experience of Working Women 40-45 Years as they Balanced their Expectations with the Demands of Personal and Family Obligations while Studying Barker, Hillary 2012 – MAPPC Jamacia
Waters, Jean 1996 – DMin
The Experience of Healing After Loss MacDonald, Patricia 2006 – MAPPC
An Exploration of the Lived Experience of Marital Separation  Noble. Velma 2009 – MAPPC
Eyes, Windows to the Soul: Exploring and Opening the Myopic Window through Artistic Approaches to Meditation and Prayer Summer Bozohora 2009 – MTS
Facilitating Access and Insight to Worldview through Jones’ Theological Worlds and Story Mooney, Andrew (Jackson) 2012 – MPS
Clarke, Joseph (Jody) 1996 – DMin
Charland, Alice 1995 – MTS
Five Women Mystics and the Five-Fold Transformative Map to Unia Mystica Smart, Mona 2010 – MTS
Following Sedna: An Arts-Based Self-Study of Spiritual Transformation Miller, Rhonda 2013 – MPS-AT
Gowans-Blinn, Anne 1993 – DMin
From Behind the Pulpit, Using Collage in Arts-Informed Research to Share Stories of Clergy Facing Perfectionism  Ross, Eden 2014 – MAPPC-AT
Thompson-Goodchild, Cynthia 2000 – MASW
Clarke, Martha Jean 2010 – MTS
Kelker, Henriette 1993 – MTS
From the Prison of Stereotype to the Freedom of Relationship: Welcoming the Otherwise Despised in a Circle of Support and Accountability Weaver, Melanie 2013 – DMin
From Whence Cometh Grace Kaasa, Terry 2009 – MTS
The Girl’s Brigade Movement: Encouraging Desirable Character Development in Jamaican Girls and Women Chamberlain, Barbara Claudette 2011 – MAPPC
Getting a Heart of Wisdom Beattie-Stokes, Anne 2009 – DMin
Giving Shape to God’s Dream: A Model Reflecting Our Call to Journey in Community Oriented Ministry
Ouwens, Nel 1997 – MTSdiac
Kilburn-Smith, Monica 2003 – MTS
God Don’t Make No Junk: A Look at Making Art and the Theology of Desire Worthingham, Patricia 2012 – MTS
God Keep Our Land: What is the Experience of God in Alberta’s Wilderness? Craig, Andrew 2011 – MTS
Behman, Phillip 1999 – DMin
Damore, Deborah 2000 – MTS
Fletcher, Kathy 2002 – DMin
Healing Touch Hughes, Wayne 2010 – MTS
Hear the Earth Call!
Stein Sather, Katie 1997 – MTS
The Heart Way of Knowing: A Narrative Review of Contemporary Mystical  Mattson-McCrady, Heather 2010 – MTS
Den Otter, Sina 1988 – MTS
Kasawal, Susie 1996 – MTS
Crittenden, Jeff 2001 – MTh
The Holy Spirit in the Natural World Floden, Sarah Rose 2011 – MTS
Schwab, Faye 2003 – MAPPC
How the Church Facilitates Jamaican Immigrants to Canada during their Process of Acculturation and Adaptation Gray, Kayon Desiree 2012 – MAPPC Jamaica
How Do Christian Beliefs Influence Job Satisfaction in the Workplace: A Reflection of the Researcher’s Experience in the Hotel Industry Wilson, Genovia 2009 – MAPPC
Humanity: Intrinsically Artistic Noble, Ilona 2012 – MTS
Hare, Frances A. 1987 – DMin
I Am Happy: The Hermeneutics of Happiness Through an Existential Heuristic Soggie, Neil 2016 – MPS
Images of Healing: Art, Salvation and Imagination Hendrickson, Betty Lou 2008 – DMin
The Impact of a Creative Arts Intervetion of the Relief of Bereavement Stress-Related Symptoms among a Group of Widows Sewell-Drummond, Loretta 2012 – MAPPC Jamaica
Improving the Quality of Spiritual Care to End-of-Life in Canada: Alleviation of Suffering MacInnis, Elaine 2013 – DMin
The Influence of Dancehall Music on a Group of Teenagers at a High School in South St Andrew in Jamaica Thomas, Courtney 2012 – MAPPC Jamaica
“I Speak as to my Children”: 2 Corinthians and Paul’s Relationship with the Church at Corinth Bredenhof, Reuben 2009 – Mth
The Image of God in Suicidal Persons Anderson, Susan 2006 – MAPPC
Images as Mirrors of the Soul Polanski, Kelly 2006 – MAPPC
The Influence of Family of Origin on Marital Quality:
The Jamaican Context
Myers, Pauline 2009 – MAPPC
Semenoff, Ron 2001 – MAPPC
Bell, Linda 1990 – DMin
The Impact of the Environment on Learning Martin, Lincoln 2009 – MAPPC
Coffin, Christopher 2000 – DMin
In Tango’s Embrace: A Phenomenology and Ceremony Celebrating the Lived Experience of Dance Schleinich, Mary Anne 2015 – MPS
Lynch, Coleen 1998 – MTh
Wilson, Novel 2009 – MAPPC
An Investigation into how Knowledgeable and Aware the Grades 7-9 Students at Three Junior High Schools in the Rio Grande Valley of Eastern Portland Jamaica are of the HIV and Aids Epidemic  Hamilton, Donnette 2009 – MAPPC
An Investigation into the Preparedness of Jamaican Teachers between the ages of 45 and 65 for Retirement: Its Woes and implications Jones, Stanley 2008 – MAPPC Jamaica
An Investigation into the Self Esteem and Social Behaviours of Deaf and Hearing Students Johnston, Winnifred 2009 – MAPPC Jamaica
Elford, Neil 1993 – DMin
Friesen, Mary 2003 – DMin
(Integrative Study)
Waters, Jean 1987 – MTS
The Integral Role of Spirituality in Recovery from the Long-Term Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury Dinter, Brian 2009 – MTS
Clark, Margaret 2000 – DMin
Interim Ministry: Caring for Congregations
Goodwin, Barry 1995 – MTh
Laverty, Murray 2003 – DMin
Fry, Wally 2003 – DMin
Guthrie, David 1997 – DMin
Weinlick, John H. 1982 – DMin
Fiske, Carol 2001 – MASL
Shupe, Margaret C. 1991 – MTS
Pickering, Brian 2004 – MTS
Lumsden, Brenda 2000 – MTS
Leading into Being: Enhancing Compassionate Imagination through Opera Nigli, Rose-Marie 2016 – DMin
Learning from a Loving Community: The Spiritual in Resiliency Parsons, Shelagh 2009 – MAPPC
Gross, Keith E. W. 1983 – DMin
Van Dyk, John 2005 – MTh
Laplante, Richard L. 1986 – DMin
McNeil, Albert 1986 – MTh
Beaudette-Hodsman, Jocelyn 2004 – MAPPC
Fuller, Clare 2015 – MPS
“LIVING A LIE” The Edmonton Residential School 1950 to 1960 – A Story of Sexual Abuse by a United Church Minister and the Response by the Church of the Time. Wilson, Donna 2015 – DMin
Living One’s Purpose: A Phenomenological Study of Awakening to a Call Scott, Heather 2014 – MPS
: Living the Tension: Deepening an Understanding of the Therapist’s Experience with Social Identities and Power Relations Wideman, Tracy 2015 – MPS
Loneliness, Solitude and Soulful Creation: Women at Midlife and Beyond Barrett, Gail 2008 – MAPPC
Long Distance Relationships in the Cayman Islands: How do Migrant Workers maintain their Family relationships? Is there a Case for Pastoral Counselling?” Samuels, Sandra 2008 – MAPPC Jamaica
Fletcher, Gordon B. 1989 – DMin
Salmonson, Marlene 2013 – MTS
Frogley, John 1997 – DMin
Gilpatric, Mercy 2004 – DMin
Feehan, Mona-Lee 2004 – DMin
Peterson, Nancy F. 1995 – MTS
Bailey, Bruce 1996 – DMin
Rodgers, George H. 1983 – DMin
Saude, David 1994 – DMin
Young, Elizabeth 2000 – MASL
LeSueur, Richard 1997 – DMin
Gow, Lynda 1999 – MTSdiac
Mission Discernment: A Preventative Ethics Strategy for Leaders in Catholic Health Care Organizations  Self, Gordon 2010 – DMin
Sawatzky, Erick 1985 – DMin
Lee, Andrew 1999 – DMin
Harris, Sally 1999 – DMin
Lloyd, Barbara 1998 – MTSdiac
Schmitt, Edward J. 1988 – DMin
Music as Liturgy: Singing Our Emerging Theology Chegus, Nancy 2007 – MTS
Wheatcroft, Bruce 2001 – DMin
“My Search for the Sacred Garden” (Integrative Study)
Orman, Victoria 1997 – MTS
My Spiritual Journey with the Dying through the Lens of Geography: Human and Physical (Integrative Study)
Enns, Bertha 2003 – MTS
“Namaste: A Journey toward Relatedness” (Integrative Study)
Loewan, Anne 1995 – MTS
Greidanus, Janet 2005 – DMin
Post, Nancy 1997 – MTSdiac
Suteau, Kathleen 2003 – MTS
Larson, Stephen M. 1987 – DMin
Nurses’ Experience of Workplace Violence Before and After a Focusing Workshop McDonald, Sherry 2012 – MPS
Dyck, Brenda 1999 – MTS
Crombie, David 1997 – DMin
Johnston, Kathleen 2003 – MAPPC
Our Addiction to Violence: Conflict and the Johannine Community Manley-Tannis, Richard 2010 – MTSdiac
Huppmann, Robin 2014 – MPS
Smith-Eivemark, Jane 1998 – DMin
Seale, Patricia E. 1990 – MTS
Boulet, Jeanette 2003 – MAPPC
Gulutzan, Elaine 1999 – MTSdiac
Msomi, Vivian Victor 1983 – DMin
Epp, Menno 1983 – DMin
The Path of Spirit in the Ecology of Illness McGowan, Bridgid 2006 – MAPPC
Paths of Transformation for Wounded Healers Hartry, Lorraine 2007 – MTS
Veldhuis, Atze 1988 – DMin
Personal Illness and the Shadow Side of Positive Thinking Paridaen, Bonnie 2012 – MPS
Positive Disintegration and Art-Based Therapy Peet, Tatiana 2009 – MAPPC
Taylor, Réjeanne 2000 – MASW
Kopeschny, Deborah 2016 – MPS-AT
A Pilgrim in France and Spain: A Quest for My Spiritual Home Wards, Angela 2006 – MTS
Holst, Wayne A. 1989 – DMin
Lynn-White, Virginia 2000 – MTS
Possible Ways of Empowering Lay Leadership in the Korean Congregations in The United Church of Canada Shin, Yoon Ok 2010 – MTS
Schattschneider, Hazel 1988 – MTS
Farias, Orlando 2003 – MAPPC
Prayer and Society: An Exegesis of a Late Medieval Bidding Prayer
Henry, Jeanne 1997 – MTh
Prayers of Love and Mourning: The Experience of Spiritual Questioning in my Personal Writing McGinnis, Yona 2010 – MAPPC (AT)
The Preacher Shrugs: Reading Ecclesiastes in the Twenty-first Century Harrison, Ted 2008 – DMin
Tusz-King, Eric 2001 – MTS Diac
Errett, Stanley L. 1986 – DMin
Psoma Yoga: Exploring the Lived Experience Winton, Shelley 2014 – MPS
Psychological Abuse of Married Women: A Phenomenological Study of Three Women in the Cayman Islands Hunter, Jane 2009 – MAPPC Jamaica
McCloskey, Janice 2001 – MASL
Wallace, Michael 2015 – MPS-AT
Welter, Brian 2000 – MTh
Carette, Marie Hélène 1997 – DMin
Anne Duncan & Irene Rainey 2002 – MTS
Stewart, Jennifer 2015 – MPS-AT
Fisher, Phyllis 2004 – MTS
Rehabilitation as Reformation: Pastoral Counselling for Criminal Offenders – Confronting Jamaica’s Crime Dilemma McGibbon, Karen Anne Patricia 2011 – MAPPC
The Relationship Between Personality Traits, Traumatic Grief and Coping Style Wallace, Valentine 2012 – MAPPC Jamaica
Berezan, Ron 2000 – MTS
Religious Experience and Individuation: A Study of Religious Experience in the Psychology of C.G. Jung as illustrated in the Brown Bear of Norway and Jacob
Ashton, Marjory 1976 – MTh
Anderson, Geraldine 2001 – MASL
Requier, Pierrette 1998 – MTS
Road Less Traveled By
Haberstock, Harold 1993 – DMin
Godbold, Norma 2014 – MTSdiac
The Role of Counselling in Pre-marital and Marital Relationships in Three Christian Churches in the Environs of Spanish Town Brown, Victoria 2012 – MAPPC Jamaica
Role of Pastoral Care in Health Care
Hill, Don 1995 – MTh
Sacred or Scared: Post-Death Encounters and the Surviving Spouse Hagen, Beverly 2011 – MAPPC
“Sadly there are no Diaries of the Grandmothers” Healing Ancestral Wounds: An Exploration of Two Grandfathers’ Personal Mennonite Texts, 1852-1945 Koop, Eleanore Margaret 2011 – MTS
Taylor, Gordon N. 1989 – DMin
Bliss, Lori 2004 – MAPPC
Caughlin, Betty 1999 – MTS
McNeill, Robert 1978 – MTh
Jacobs, Nicholas 2016 – MPS
Wooff, Margaret 2003 – MTSdiac
Sones, Mary C. 1993 – MTS
Silent Stories: A narrative Inquiry into Men’s Journey with Grief in Middle Age Gustainis, Andrew 2014 – MAPPC
Soil and Soul: Reclaiming the Garden as Sacred Space Ganske, Barbara 2014 – MTS
Sojourning with the Spirit in Recovery from Mental Illness Mennie, Beverly 2011 – MAPPC
Soma of the Mystery: Exploring Presence in the Body Bahm, Carrie 2006 – MAPPC
Some Factors Influencing the Internet Usage Patterns of Jamaican Adolescents and the Impact of these Patterns on Adolescent Social Development in a Rural Secondary School in Central Jamaica DeSilva, Karen Helena 2012 – MAPPC Jamaica
Soul Retrieval: Storied Journeys of Shamanic Healing from Trauma Flack, Bryan 2007 – MAPPC
Soul Searching: Narratives of a Spiritual Community in a Local Café Cournoyea, Carolyn 2007 – MTS
Switzer, Jacqueline 1998 – MTS
Spiraling Journeys:  Art, Transformation and the Prodigal Daughter Kaiser, Connie 2006 – MAPPC
Monsma, Margery 2003 – MTS Hons
Bruce, Elizabeth McIsaac 2002 – DMin
Purin, Barbara 1998 – MTS
Wishart, Paul 2003 – MAPPC
Brouwer, Marlene 1988 – MTS
Spirituality for the Middle Years
Roste, Darryl 1994 – MTh
Swan, Bernadette 1997 – MTS
Trapnell, Margaret 2004 – DMin
The Spirituality of Trauma Debriefers Stagg, Tracy-Anne 2011 – MTS
Duke, Karen 1998 – MTS
Claveau, Margaret 2015 – MPS
Watt, Brenda 2005 – MTS
Cornutt, Catherine 1999 – DMin
A Story of Lost Opportunity: The Apology to Deaconesses Disjoined by The United Church of Canada Douglas, Caryn 2009 – DMin
Straight from the Heart: A Healing Journey Pettinger, Marjorie 2006 – DMin
A Study of Factors that Influence Church Attendance of Young Adults in an Inner City Community in Kingston, Jamaica Allen-Jones, Lola 2009 – MAPPC
A Study of a Select Group of Youths who Participate in the Salvation Army Programmes Within an Inner-City Community Haughton, Verona Beverly 2011 – MAPPC
Gelderman, Wendell 1998 – MTS
Diew, Kueth 2002 – BTh
Suicide Resiliency in People with HIV  Delarue, Jill Ellen 2011 – MAPPC
Supervision of Lay Readers in the Newfoundland and Labrador Conference of the United Church of Canada
Frogley, John 1987 – MTh
Auten, Darryl 1982 – DMin
Vink, Case 1999 – DMin
Mitchell, Brooke 1994 – DMin
Take a Deep Breath and Count to Nine: Using the Enneagram’s Wisdom of Tranformational Energy in Worship Sandilands, Heather Ann 2011 – MTS
Ouellette, Josèe 2013 – MPS
Clark, Diane 1999 – DMin
Person, Carmen 2003 – MAPPC
Plouffe, Rhea 1999 – DMin
Ridley, David 1997 – MTS
Themes of Healing as Expressed in Sand Tray Therapy Arlette, Meaghan 2006 – MAPPC
Ho, Louis 1996 – MTS
Ewazko, Aldona 1989 – DMin
Spicer, Nellie 2000 – MTSdiac
Lange, Margaret 1994 – MTSdiac
The Therapist’s Experience of Intuition in a Professional Therapeutic Setting Pysklywec, Maureen 2008 – MAPPC
Through My Looking Glass: A Woman’s Experience of Living Long-Term with Invisible Undiagnosed Chronic Physical Illness and Pain and its Impact upon her Sense of Self Stewart, Janis 2011 – MAPPC
Luce, Bernice 2004 – DMin
Baker, Joan 1991 – MTS
Walsh, Anne Marie 2016 – DMin
Harder, Gary J. 1986 – DMin
Kimmerly, Robert E. 1994 – DMin
Caroll, Anne 2013 – MPS
Loiselle, Tamara 2001 – MAPPC
Belrose, Danny Atton 2000 – DMin
Trauma, Dissociation, and the Journey to Soul Healing Stewart, Karin 2012 – MPS
Serviss, Shirley 1997 – MTS
Understanding Growth: The Roles of Evengelism and a Church’s Identity in Determining Whether Newcomers are Invited to Belong Steele, John 2012 – DMin
Union Negotiations in Anglican-Christian-United Churches
Lynas, Martin 1982 – MTh
Paludan, Ann 1994 – MTh
Kolber, Ted S. 1995 – DMin
Davies-Fuhr, Arlene 1990 – MTS
User Friendly Congregational Stress Factors
Clarke, Stewart 1995 – MTh
Schmitt, Mary K.S. 1988 – DMin
Vatican II: Alive at Fifty Quan, Nancy 2012 – MTS
Root, Robert 1998 – DMin
Comerford, Henry 1998 – DMin
Davis-Taylor, Denise 1998 – MTS
Axford, Donald G. 2001 – MASL
Jevne, Ronna F.J. 1993 – MTS
Waiting to Die, Learning to Live: A Journey Through Depression to Hope, Joy and Fullness of Life Grill, Lois 2006 – MASL
Bogart, Garth 2003 – MAPPC
Barkley, Jean 2000 – DMin
Lueck, Dennis K. 1991 – DMin
Mutton, Ross 2000 – MASTM
“…Whereas I am trying to think theologically”: Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Hidden Dialogue with Carl Schmitt on Representation: A Theological Response to a Jurisprudential Challenge during a Political Crisis Radler, Karola Susanne 2011 – MTS
Where You Go I Will Go: My Journey with Naomi and Ruth (Integrative Study) Van Ginhoven, Margaret 2008 – MTS
Fraser, Rochelle 2014 – MPS
Mongraw, Helen 2001 – MTS
Clare, Lesley J. 1991 – DMin
Munn, Harold 1993 – DMin
Wright, Donald A. 1988 – DMin
Ervin, Linda 2003 – MTSdiac
Kuva, Ann 2001 – MTS
Morris, Laurel 2003 – MTS
Pater, John Charles 2000 – MTS
A World Without Wheat: The Journey Toward Acceptance of a Diagnosis of Celiac Disease Quinlan-Jacob, Sonya 2011 – MAPPC
Walker, Marie Tovell 1994 – MTS
Marple, Norman 2001 – DMin
Koch, Dorothy 1999 – MTS