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By using the hyperlink above you can reach these resources. As finite as we humans are, it may be arrogant to assume that we can contemplate the Infinite adequately enough to name it and speak truths about it. However, we humans have always tried to do just that. We have created religions and devoted our lives (and sacrificed the lives of others) to defending our concept of God and to do God’s will. Some have ceased to trust in an omnipotent, omniscient, transcendent, anthropomorphic deity (a theistic conception) and are seeking expressions to reflect their life experiences of the Divine Mystery. Others remain committed to monotheism, but challenge what they consider to be immaturity in its practice. All such persons are welcomed into the circle of seekers who are working to uncover and create non-theistic (or post-theistic) resources for worship and reflection.

We welcome suggestions and offerings of materials (liturgical and educational resources) for the collection that we are building so that we can offer these back to our human community. Send submissions to

Online Databases and Journals

UAlberta Library
The Journal of Pastoral Care & Counselling
Spirituality in Clinical Practice (Journal)

Publications from Faculty

By using the hyperlink above you can reach these resources. The titles can be viewed through the links provided, if there is not a link we only have the reference available.  Please note that links to Online Databases in some cases may be limited to a current student or faculty member as the access to them is provided through the University of Alberta.  Should the link take you to a database to which you do not have access, you may need to do a Google Scholar search of the title.

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Theses and Dissertations

These titles can be viewed in person at the College, or for titles from 2009 onward, they can be received electronically by emailing your request to