CHRTP UAlberta Credit Courses

UAlberta Credit Courses at St Stephen’s College

St Stephen’s College is related to the University of Alberta by an agreement described as affiliation, and offers courses that may be taken for degree credit by students of the University. The following is a list of University of Alberta courses which may be offered at St Stephen’s, those with hyperlinks are offered within this academic year:

CHRTP117       New Issues in Theology
CHRTP301      Hebrew Scripture Basics
CHRTP305      Scripture as Story
CHRTP311       Theology and the Arts
CHRTP312       Questing Faith: Thinking About God
CHRTP313       Topics in Applied Christian Ethics
CHRTP314       Topics in Women and Religion
CHRTP315       Pop Culture and Theology
CHRTP316       Sexual Ethics in a Multi-Faith Context
CHRTP318       Feminist Theology
CHRTP319       Eco-Theology
CHRTP320      Classroom Storytelling: The Sacred in Contemporary Children’s Literature
CHRTP321       Art Therapy Fundamentals
CHRTP330      Mindfulness for Teachers
CHRTP381      Intro to Music Therapy
                           **Now also a music option within the Department of Music!!
CHRTP382      Intro to Drama Therapy
CHRTP383      Psychotherapy and Spirituality
CHRTP411/511        Independent Study in Theology
CHRTP418      The Makers of Modern Theology
CHRTP521      Art Therapy: The Artful-Spiritual Connection
CHRTP522      Child and Adolescent Art Therapy
CHRTP523      Jungian Psychology
CHRTP553      Metaphor in the Arts and Spirituality
CHRTP771      Inquiry, Evaluation and Search for Knowledge
INTD577          Spiritual Assessment in the Promotion of Health

These courses may also be used toward a BA Minor in Christian Theology at the University of Alberta. The degree is an interdisciplinary program offered by the Faculty of Arts. To successfully complete a Christian Theology Minor, students are able to take a combination of courses offered by St. Joseph’s College, St. Stephen’s College, Religious Studies, and the Department of History and Classics. Requirements: a minimum of *18 to a maximum of *42 credits weights in designated senior level courses, including at least *12 credit weights in CHRTC and/or CHRTP and *9 credit weights at the 300 or 400 level. (Senior level courses are 200 level or above). It is recommended that students include RELIG 101, CHRTC 100, and two of CLASS 110, HIST 110, or HIST 111 in their program. The Academic Dean of St. Joseph’s College will provide assistance with questions or program planning for the BA Minor in Christian Theology (ph 780-492-7681 ext. 222 or email

Course descriptions are in the St Stephen’s College Calander, and the College course schedule lists the University of Alberta courses being offered in the current academic year. Steps on how to register for UAlberta courses can be viewed HERE.

Also for more information about courses offered through the University of Alberta visit InfoLink