Open Studies

One of the goals of St Stephen’s College is to facilitate and encourage knowledge development. The Open Studies program allows students the opportunity to satisfy relevant courses or prerequisite requirements prior to applying to enter graduate studies, to develop skills useful to their profession, to upgrade their postsecondary qualifications, or to take courses purely for personal interest. In some cases, there may be course prerequisites to be met.
Graduate courses (500-level) at St. Stephen’s College are designated for graduate students. Students applying to take courses as an Open Studies student must possess a Baccalaureate Degree from an institution of higher education approved by a Canadian provincial authority, or the demonstrated educational equivalent.
Completion of courses is not a guarantee of admission to a degree program. A maximum of three courses taken as an Open Studies student may be used toward a St Stephen’s College degree program. Open Studies students who may be interested in applying to a degree program are strongly urged to consult with the relevant Program Chair to ensure that courses selected are appropriate. Students who complete courses under the Open Studies program with the intent of applying those courses towards the requirements of a degree program should be aware that transferred courses should be no older than three years in the area of specialization or five years outside the area of specialization. Courses are scheduled year-round, and students must submit course registrations by the published registration deadline for the course(s) they wish to attend. The program is open to people from any faith tradition.