For the past century, St Stephen’s has been recognized not only for its commitment to academic excellence, but also for its creative and non-traditional styles of learning: we value flexibility, innovation, collegiality, self-directed learning, and the integration of the arts with theology. Here we assume that students have as much to offer the learning process as they have to receive from it. Here we seek new ways of education for the whole person: body, mind and spirit. Here we are committed to learning that informs us and transforms us, and that helps us to shape the society in which we live. Here we live within a large network of partnerships which support our work. Among many others, we are Associate Members in The Association of Theological Schools in The United States and Canada; and an Approved Training Program of the Canadian Art Therapy Association.

As part of the St Stephen’s community, you will be encouraged to develop learning goals that fit your life experiences and faith commitments, whatever those are. We will make available to you faculty from a wide variety of backgrounds whose experience and expertise will broaden and enrich your own. As well as courses in our popular five-day intensive format here on campus, we offer semester-long, on-line, correspondence and independent study opportunities. We are committed to making courses and programs as accessible as we can, while maintaining a diverse learning community. Our success is demonstrated by students and faculty who come to us from across Canada and the US, and from overseas.

St Stephen’s College is primarily oriented toward graduate education. However, if a formal program is not what you need, most of our classes are open to the occasional learner. By virtue of our mandate, history and experience, we seek to live out the tenet that study and integration in all areas and for all persons is fundamental.

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