Public Research Presentations

Theses and Project Dissertations
14 November 2016
Lister Centre, University of Alberta
2nd Floor, 87 Avenue/116 Street

  Graduates will speak about their journey and research; audience members are encouraged to engage in conversation and ask questions.
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AURORA ROOM – Doctor of Ministry (DMin)
Facilitator: Henriette Kelker, Interim Chair, Department of Advanced Degrees
Time Graduate Title of Project Dissertation
Rose-Marie Nigli Leading into Being: Enhancing Compassionate Imagination through Opera
Anne Marie Walsh To Be Redemptorist: The Emerging Vocation of the Lay Missionary of the Most Holy Redeemer within the Redemptorist Family
PRARIE ROOM – Master of Psychotherapy and Spirituality (MPS)
Facilitator: Ara Parker, Chair, Department of Psychotherapy and Spirituality
 Time Graduate Title of Thesis
2:00pm Welcome and Poster Presentation Viewing
2:15pm Charles Chenard (MPS-AT) The Art of Compassion: Exploring and Integrating Counter-Emotions
2:30pm Nicholas Jacobs (MPS) Sex, Shame, and Spirituality: A Study of LIved Experience
2:45pm Deborah Kopeschny (MPS-AT) The Phenomenological Experience of Zentangle (R) and the Implications for Art Therapy
3:00pm Marie Muggeridge (MPS-AT) Empowerment Through Altered Books
3:15pm Katherine (Kate) Porter (MPS) Conceptualizing the Process of Identity Development in People with Insecure Attachment
3:30pm Nola Sharp (MPS) Embodied Sacred Knowing with Relational Consciousness
 Poster Presentation Viewing

Other Students graduating 14 November 2016:

Master of Theology:
Dawn Rolke
Master of Psychotherapy and Spirituality:
Sherry Bilida (MPS) – The Elephant in the Office: A Phenomenological Study of Spiritually-informed Student Therapists' Feelings of Incompetence in Early Therapeutic Encounters

Neil Soggie (MPS) – I Am Happy: The Hermeneutics of Happiness Through an Existential Heuristic