Public Research Presentations

Theses, Capstone and Project Dissertations
6 November 2017
Lister Centre, University of Alberta
2nd Floor, 87 Avenue/116 Street

  Graduates will speak about their journey and research; audience members are encouraged to engage in conversation and ask questions.

AURORA ROOM – Doctor of Ministry [DMin]
Facilitator: Henriette Kelker, Chair, Department of Advanced Degrees
Time Graduate Title of Dissertation
1:30pm Welcome
1:40pm-2:40pm Emmanuel Gatera Integrating an African-Centered Clinical Pastoral Therapy Approach to the Healing of Women Survivors of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide: A Personal Dialogue
PRAIRIE ROOM – Master of Psychotherapy and Spirituality [MPS]
and Master of Psychotherapy and Spirituality (Art Therapy Specialization) [MPS-AT]
Facilitators: Ara Parker, Chair, Department of Psychotherapy & Spirituality, and
Amanda Radil, Capstone Project instructor
Time Graduate Title of Thesis or Capstone Project
Presentations are 10-15 minutes, with a 5-minute break between presentations.
1:30pm Welcome
1:35pm Joyce Aita, MPS-AT  Thesis: Interior Preparations: How a Theological Reflection on John 13:1-20 Shaped An Art Therapist's Practice of Preparation
1:55pm Laura David Foster, MPS-AT  Thesis: Spiritual Transformation in Art Therapy: A Living Human Portrait
2:15pm Brian Way, MPS  Thesis: Stories of Commitment: How We Came to be Married
2:30pm-2:40pm Break and Poster Viewing
2:40pm Lisa Hardy, MPS-AT  Capstone Project: Dyad Art Therapy for Multigenerational Trauma with a Focus of Attachment
3:00pm Faye Ambler, MPS  Capstone Project: A Village Can Heal a Child: An Educational Workship for Caregivers and Supporters of Sexually Victimized Children
3:20pm Lynn Anderson, MPS  Capstone Project: A Pathway to Guide Your Journey: Transitions Leading to Spiritual Growth
3:40pm Cathy Danilec, MPS-AT  Capstone Project: The Art Therapy Research and Resource Network: Applying My Educational Experiences to Gather the Science Behind Art Therapy
4:00pm Grant Wardlow, MPS  Capstone Project: Men, Masculinity, and Depression: Implications for Therapists Working with Men
4:20pm Kim Taylor, MPS  Capstone Project: Release-Recharge-Reconnect Mentoring for Resilience at Work in Secondary Traumatic Stress: 12 Lunch and Learn Sessions
4:40pm Deborah Watson, MPS-AT  Capstone Project: AMPlify: Artful, Mindful, Playful Possibilities for Loose Parts in Therapy

Other students graduating November 6, 2017:

Cecilia Cheung, MPS-AT  Thesis: A Learning Quest: A Case Study of a Client’s Art Therapy Experience
Amy Lockhart Chilton, MPS-AT Capstone Project: Creating an Art Therapy Manual for use with New Mothers
Cate Dauphinee, MPS Thesis: Living from the Heart: An exploration of the lived meaning of spirituality for community-dwelling, oldest elders; an interpretative phenomenological analysis
Pui Ying Roni Heung, MAPPC-AT Capstone Project: Moving from Diagnosis to Creative Intervention: A Manual for Art Therapy Practice with Children on the Autistic Spectrum
Pamela Klappstien, MPS Capstone Project: Self-Discovery Through Writing Poetry
Joyce Mearon, MPS Thesis: Searching for Threads of Spiritual Growth Interwoven into Trauma Healing
Leslie Penny, Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies
Kathryne Storheim, Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies