Tuttle Education Fund

The College has been a community of learning and transformation for over a century. Our ongoing mission is to offer safe and sacred spaces for education that not only informs, but transforms, and that is inclusive and accessible to persons from many different vocations and faith traditions. Our students study and serve in: education, chaplaincy, churches and other faith communities, the arts, spiritual direction programs, social service agencies, counselling and healthcare, to name a few. That mission hasn’t changed, but how the College is funded has.

The growing needs of our world make it more important than ever that the programs we offer are of the highest quality, that they be sustainable, and that our teaching technology allows them to be delivered effectively.

Since 1919, members of the Tuttle Family have been generous patrons of the work of the College. The Tuttle Fund continues their legacy by gathering other supporters. Together, we can enhance our Endowment Fund to ensure that students continue to receive an education which invites them to explore, create and transform…for the next 100 years!

The brochure can be downloaded here: Tuttle Fund Brochure