Call for Board Members

Winter to spring can be the most striking natural transition that Alberta sees.  We can smell it, hear it, and feel it long before we can see it.  There is an excitement in the air as we anticipate what possibilities such a transition can make on our lives and the lives around us.

If you have not been keeping up on SSC news, we too are experiencing the same anticipation with a number of new individuals joining the core faculty, including our new Principal and Dean, Dr. Fred Tappended.  These transitions are not just happening within the administration and faculty; there are a number of positions within the Board of Governors of St. Stephen’s College that we are seeking to fill.

Perhaps you have a good mind for business, finance, public relations, policy development, or fundraising?  Did you know that Board volunteer work, especially that of an academic board, is highly regarded within ones CV?  In addition to seeking to diversify professional experience within Board membership, we are also seeking to increase other points of variance to reflect that of our diverse student body, staff, and faculty.

If you are interested, please review and fill out the Board of Governors Members Application by May 31, 2019, and forward it to  For additional information about SSC Governance please visit the “About Us” pages.