Vision Statement, Purpose and Definitions


St. Stephen’s College holds a creative vision of transformative theological and professional education. It is a community of people seeking to explore the spiritual complexities of human life and to meaningfully integrate this learning in society and the world.


Consistent with the vision statement, St. Stephen’s College is an academic institution specializing in the exploration and understanding of the spiritual complexities of human life. To this end, we offer for-credit academic and professional degrees, diplomas, and certificate programs, and not-for-credit educational opportunities for the wider community.


St. Stephen’s College–a Multi-faith Learning Community
I live my life in widening circles. Rainer Maria Rilke

St. Stephen’s College understands that people of all spiritual traditions and explorations are respected and treated with dignity, and encourages the members of its community to experience the sacred by engaging in enriching dialogue from diverse perspectives.


St. Stephen’s students articulate their vision and practice of ministry using the languages, symbols, and images of the traditions and worldviews with which they identify. In accordance with this diversity of tradition, St. Stephen’s College has adopted the following definition of Ministry:

St. Stephen’s College understands ministry from a broad and inclusive perspective as a lifelong spiritual exploration in which practitioners are self-reflectively aware of the nurturing quality of their activities in the service of the human community and Earth. SSC community consists of practitioners from such fields as education, faith/religious community assignments, chaplaincy, mediation, management, media services, the arts, health care, counselling, multicultural relationships, and care of our planet.